Thursday, August 24, 2017

Plan the work. Work the plan.

For the first time in a long time, school will be starting after Labor Day here in Calvert County. 

We’re ready.

New teacher orientation has begun.  We have a lot of new hires, but many of them have significant experience.  They just want to be a part of Calvert County.

Buildings have been cleaned spic and span.  Summer time construction and remodeling is complete.

Good progress has been made on the installation of security cameras in our high schools, and soon we’ll be moving to do the same for our middle schools.

And, following 6 months of good work and public input, our Strategic Plan has been completed and presented to the Board of Education.   Through this process, we have identified 5 priority areas.

Equity – equitable opportunities for students, equitable distribution of resources and culturally responsive workforce.

Student outcomes – growth for all students, close the achievement gaps, enhance opportunity for high ability learners, increase college and/or career ready grads.

Climate and culture – social-emotional learning, safe and respectful school environment, enhance staff wellness and morale.

Workforce – enhance diversity, retain high quality, provide personalized and differentiated opportunities for staff to grow that will increase student success.

Community Engagement – involve families, business and community organizations as allies and partners to increase equity and access for all students.

The details of just how we plan to move forward on these priorities are in the works.  Some existing initiatives will be better supported and some new initiatives will need to find funding. 

Once plans are in place, we’ll require detailed project management from our district leaders to keep these priorities in the forefront.  We’ll be reporting publicly on our progress and holding ourselves accountable. 

Here’s to another great year for Calvert County students.