Monday, June 8, 2015

Congratulations Class of 2015

Following is the text of my comments at graduation for Huntingtown High School on June 4, 2015.  The same words and themes were used but customized for the Northern HS Patriots, the Calvert HS Cavaliers and the Patuxent HS Panthers graduation ceremonies.

Isn’t it great to be a Hurricane?

This is such an exciting time for our graduates, their families and the staff of CCPS.  Today we unveil our latest most dynamic product – The Huntington High School graduate, also known as the Hurricane 1-5 (one – five).

 The Hurricane 1-5 comes with a good looking exterior in a variety of colors.  After market accessories such as tattoos and body piercings and hair color not found in the natural world are not covered by our guarantee, but neither are they expected to negatively impact performance.  Surface finishes may vary.  Some are hairy and some are smooth.  Some are bumpy, lumpy and soft.  Some are boney and firm.

The external finishes of the Hurricane 1-5 are not what we do here in Calvert County Public Schools.  It is the internal operating system that we are most proud of.

Each model of the Hurricane 1-5 comes with the following features:
·     Proficient at a high level in reading, mathematics and writing

·     Can make sense of problems and persevere in solving them as an individual and as a member of a team

·     Superior technology skills and makes strategic use of digital media

·     Strong character and compassion for others

·     Outstanding communication skills

But wait there’s more.  “How could there be more Dan,” you ask?

There is more.  If you take a Hurricane 1-5 home today you’ll also get these additional features:

·     Constructs viable arguments and critiques the reasoning of others

·     Has an appreciation for diversity and understanding of people from different cultures

·     Works with peers to promote civil, democratic discussions and decision-making.

Thanks to outstanding support from family, County Commissioners, this community and the best teachers and support staff available, we’re giving you the best we’ve got.  We are not keeping the good ones on the shelf.  Some of them have taken longer than expected to fully develop.  Some have worked hard. Others have hardly ever been out of the box.  Everything must go!

Each Hurricane 1-5 represents and investment of well over $140,000 of taxpayer funds over 13 years. This is quite a bargain when you consider our per-pupil costs is right around the state average yet our students consistently outperform their peers.  This is quite a bargain when you consider Calvert County has the 5th highest median household income in Maryland and the 5th lowest property tax rate.

Finally, the Hurricane 1-5 comes with a 100% guarantee.  If you are not satisfied with your new graduate in any way, we will take them back and run them through again absolutely free, no additional cost to you.  Just bring their shot records to the next kindergarten registration.

So congratulations to all of today’s graduates.  Go forth and use the tools gained in your schooling here to be successful in whatever way you choose to define it.  Life is a complex and beautiful gift to be lived authentically by each of us.  Be yourself and be the best at it.

And always remember

Rock us like a Hurricane