Friday, June 17, 2016

Graduation Rap

At graduation this year I shared a little about the new Broadway Musical Hamilton.  Seemed to have a good message for the graduates.  It inspired me to write my own rap.  Here it is:

Here you are the class of ’16,

Ready to exit and ready to fix things,

In a country that needs you,

Leave the family that feeds you.

We wish you God speed, you

But I want you to heed.


Nobody pays for good grades.


Congrats on the hard work.

You made it; success lurks.

Your future is waiting.

And you’re anticipating

That I will stop talking

So you can start walking

Across this stage.

Then you turn the page

In the book of life

And act your age.


Yo, what’s your story?  

Will there be any glory?

Are you career ready?

Will you hold steady

To a dream you had

That you want so bad?

What’s your story?


Will you head right off to work?

Please don’t be a jerk

And choose to do nothing,

A big old couch muffin,

Growing your scruff in,

I hope you’re just bluffin.


Most of you should go on to college.

You’re going to need a lot more knowledge.

Could be trade school or tech school

Where you get the privilege

To learn more and burn more and build your image.

Yo, what’s your story?


When it comes to careers,

You will change your mind.

You’ll switch jobs a hundred times.

Try this and try that; it isn’t a crime.


If you’re lucky, you’ll choose right.

You’ll work in college with all your might.

You’ll finish in 4 years, or 5 years or 6 years or 7years.

Things could get tight;

I know parents whose big tears

Will pour down when the bills come.

Want the best for you and then some,

But huge loans for your mum

To pay is dumb.


My advice for those who just don’t know--

Community college is where you should go.

You’ll be close to home; you’ll save lots of money.

You’ll sleep in your old bed.

You’ll stay close to your honey.

The two-year degree could be it or just a start.

But it may take some time to follow your heart.


Yo, what’s your story?


Will you look for the glory of teacher or preacher,

Or maker of gravy?

Will you be on TV?

Will you enlist in the Navy?


Whatever you choose, or maybe it will choose you,

Your story is yours and no one else’s will do.

We’ve done what we can

So show us what you’ve got.

Go out there and show us that

You are not throwing away your shot.