Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Some Summer

Here we are again.  Teachers return next week.  They’ve got just five days to get their rooms ready and their plans in place for the first day of school.  There will be faculty meetings and training programs on new technology or new classroom materials.   And of course they’ll need time to catch up with each other.  Did you do anything special this summer?

Having summer off has always been viewed with some jealously by those not teaching.  “Must be nice”, they say.  Heck, there are some who seem to think that everyone in the school district goes home for the summer.  I’ve been asked twice in the last month by individuals who knew I was school superintendent, if I was enjoying my summer off.  Really?

To those who are jealous and would like to have a big chunk of summer to do what you like, I invite you to try it.  Try teaching for a year or so.  See how much you think about teaching in your summer weeks off without pay.  You’ll see how when you take your own kids to the local pool or on vacation, you’ll likely be bringing a book or some school work with you.  See how much time and energy and money you spend on taking classes or developing materials for your classroom.   See how much of your own money you spend on books or classroom materials while you’re off in the summer.  Or perhaps you will see that you need to get a summer job to supplement the family income.   Each teacher does summer differently, but the good ones don’t forget about teaching.  Not even a little bit.

For me it’s always an exciting time of year to welcome the teachers back.  There is a buzz and energy in the community that other businesses don’t experience.  It is very unique to schools and I love it.

Welcome back.  Let’s get to work.  These kids aren’t going to learn to read without you. These kids aren’t going to become great problem solvers and team members by playing video games at home.  These kids are not going to gain admission into the college of their choice without your encouragement and support.   These kids need you.  They will remember you.  You touch the future.